Not Your Typical Dosa

So what goes in a typical dosa? Can you tell?

Great!!! You all are right!!!

The typical ingredients are, Urad dal (a.k.a Black gram dal), Rice, Poha (a.k.a flattened rice), and Fenugreek seeds. But you guys, this is NOT your typical dosa!

This is the most simplest, less time consuming and almost instant dosa. The taste??? You ask?

Superlicious, delicious!!!

It has the crispness, the aroma and softness of any other good dosa.

So what is in this Non typical dosa? I will tell you…soon 🙂

All great discoveries happen by accident. Do you agree?

In this case, it was partly an accident and partly inspired. I had read in many places about new ways of making dosas. Like in this recipe.

And, it so happened that one day I went ahead and soaked some Urad dal, thinking i will make some smooth Idlis. But, life got in the way and I could not make them.  So the soaked dal kept waiting in the corner of my kitchen counter top.

The next day I just rinsed and washed the dal and grounded it into a smooth paste using my wet grinder.

Now what? I thought. “Never mind if I did not make any Idlis. I can still make dosas!!!”, I said to myself and that is how my Non typical dosa was born.


1 cup whole Urad dal(black gram dal) soaked for 6 hours/overnight

2 1/2 cups of rice flour

1/4 cup of very fine Sooji rava( Semolina)



Grind the soaked Urad dal in the grinder or mixer into a very smooth silky paste adding enough water.

Transfer the batter into a large vessel.

Add the rice flour and sooji rava and mix REALLY well. Pay attention to the lumps. Mix well until all the lumps dissolve.

Cover the container and let it ferment overnight.

The next day, mix well , the batter, adjusting the consistency with water. The batter has to be of pouring consistency(just like the regular dosa batter)

Add salt

On a hot griddle, pour a ladle full of batter and spread into a circle, to make the dosas. add a tsp of oil around the dosas.

Once the edges turn golden brown, fold the dosa and remove it on a plate.

Enjoy them with chutneys or butter or pickle.