Madras on rainy days -Samina Ali

Exhausting! Not in a bad way!

The book is in the voice of the protagonist. A young girl. The age which you only realize when you are at almost three-quarters of the book.

It is thick , heavily weaved and braided narrative where the protagonist almost drags you along through her journey from her engagement to her marriage. the chapters are named after each ceremony from the Mungni to the nikkah

There is this deep sense of sorrow in the voice that lugs all along and hence no matter how hard you try to take the book lightly , you cannot.

The narrator touches all topics in the course of this journey about Society, religion, emotional conflicts, the hypocrisies, the double standards,  gender discrimination and the political scene.

The two different worlds that the protagonist experiences one inside the chador and the one outside of it, the conflicting beliefs, the deep conflicting chaos that occurs within the soul of the narrator has been in-depth laid out there in a exhausting beautiful way by the author.

The women in the story are both powerful yet powerless. It is a weird state of mind which is almost insane like the author herself has portrayed the characters.

Despite this, the climax just gets you . I was all teary eyed. i felt deep sorrow for the young girl and by this time you are so entangled in the web that even the reader feels helpless.

And the ending leaves us with the question? why did she chose to stay?

And we know the answer.