Awesome August

Never had I ever imagined August will become one of my favorite months in a year. All this while February was my favorite month,not only because it has the least number of days, but also because it is my birth month ūüôā

When i was a little girl, I used to get excited for August , for one reason. And that was the Indian independence day celebrations at school , on the 15 th.  August 15 th meant, no classes. We were too little to understand the entire significance of independence day, so it was all about fun. Marching parades, cultural activities, singing, dancing, wearing the white uniforms and eating sweets.

But now, August means something else to me. It is the month when my two most beautiful princesses were born. That’s right! Both my daughters were born in August. So both the girls are daring and roaring lionesses- zodiacally¬† ūüôā

As much as they give me a hard time taking care of them, they still manage to make me smile an innumerable number of times a day.

Each day holds a new surprise, a new story, a new event and a new ending.

Amidst great  exhaustion , springs a new smile everyday on my face.

Such is the wonder of having a child. And I have two!

Mahati, who will be  5 years old, has a mind of her own. She has  a  mature personality which is beyond her years and she is very wise. She can be silly, yet witty. She is shy , yet strong.

She ¬†loves her baby sister and makes sure she doesn’t say anything mean to her.

We love her sweet voice. she is great at listening to stories and then represent them on a paper through her  drawings. It was pretty amazing that one night she listened a story from me , and 3 days later she was able to draw the picture of the exact scene in a story which was quite  complicated!

She has great imagination. Another time she amazed us with her drawings of a hurricane in a big city. And these were not some scribbles on a paper!

She is curious, studious and loves to learn new things and needs a deep explanation for everything.

Her lighter side is fun and entertaining. she loves her family and loves her home.

Sahana, who will be turning One,is one bubbly,cuddly , little darling.  She makes us smile with her drool and four little pearls popping out. She is going to grow into a big foodie. she loves to eat and just snatches our plates and bowls while we are at it. She never sits on the stroller. she rides on it standing on the foot rest. She misses her big sis during the day and  when she sees her in the evening she expresses her joy through  coo-ing and squeaking. She loves watching her sister running and jumping around and gets some great laughs from it.

It was amazing to see her crawl, cruise and stand with support. Now she is walking and she is all over the place ,  our building, the courtyard, everywhere! She is growing so fast. I just wish I could stop time right here!

As August is here, my heart beats a little faster. It is an unexplicable feeling. I want to hold on for this moment ¬†a little longer, and I don’ t want them to grow bigger. As I plan for their birthdays in my head, my heart sinks, when I imagine that one day they will just fly far away from underneath their Mama’s warm wings.

Oh gosh, enough with my emotions. While I was contemplating on writing this post, I was cooking this dish. Look here. Talk about multitasking ūüôā