About Me and the Blog.

Hello my dear readers,

Thanks for stopping by my blogspace. My name is Anjana and I live in the lovely city of Cambridge, Mass , with my husband and my two beautiful girls, a 8-year-old and a 4 year old.

The dream of starting a food blog is nearly 4  years old. It is only now, this dream has become a reality. This blog promises you with simple and easy vegetarian-only recipes from my Home country and also a few from around the world.

So, Helloooo World! Welcome to my kitchen world! Take a look inside and see what’s cooking. This food blog is an attempt for the “Keep it simple, keep it tasteful” mantra. So here it is with some old recipes with a new twist and new recipes with the old ingredients. A mix and match from ingredients here and there, around the world:)

I am a kannadiga by birth and originally from Bangalore, India.  So I will be bringing a lot of Karnataka dishes to the table. Also, I would love to share some of the authentic Madhva dishes which are utterly and  truly delicious.




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