A Simple Tomato Chutney

A very simple recipe of tomato chutney that tastes great with Dosas, Idlis or just plain rice and ghee. Here ,ripe red tomatoes sauteed in oil and cooked until smooth paste with red chilli powder and salt. A generous amount of Hing is a must in this recipe. This dish is a keeper. Meaning it … Continue reading A Simple Tomato Chutney

Not Your Typical Dosa

So what goes in a typical dosa? Can you tell? Great!!! You all are right!!! The typical ingredients are, Urad dal (a.k.a Black gram dal), Rice, Poha (a.k.a flattened rice), and Fenugreek seeds. But you guys, this is NOT your typical dosa! This is the most simplest, less time consuming and almost instant dosa. The … Continue reading Not Your Typical Dosa