Sankranti special Thali

This is my first post of 2018!

First of all A very happy new year to all my readers. And happy Sankranti😊 love you all

A good part of my last year went by developing our platform The Naan-Americans. I am having so much fun and I would love it if you guys can be part of it. Be a subscriber, like our Facebook page or just follow us. Any support will count my details friends 🙂

So coming to my post for today 😊

Tis the harvest season in India and is celebrated through out the the country with different names.

Sankranti in Karnataka,Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Lohri is Northern part of India,Punjab.

Farmers celebrate the festival to mark the harvest season and are grateful for the bounty that year.

Specific dishes are made to mark the festival. Since I am from Karnataka, we call it huggi where as in Tamil Nadu it is called  pongal which is the mixture of yellow mung dal and rice seasoned with salt and pepper. The sweeter version of this would be with Jaggery and loads of ghee.

My thali above features, rice,papad,broadbeans stir fry, pongal, okra stir fry and hot rasam..

Like we say, pongaloo..pongal!!!!


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