Wheat Flour Tortilla Wrap

Whoo hoo!!! Long weekend!!! Great weather. Going to NY to meet friends and family 🙂

That is bringing me back memories

When we were living in Westchester county, NY, we frequently visited the mall and used to grab a bite at this Mexican joint called the DESERT MOON CAFE.

We always loved one and only one thing at this place, the HARVEST WRAP. It was the tortilla wrap, loaded with veggies, rice, beans and served with guacamole and chips on the side with hot sauce.

That was the first time I had ever tasted Mexican food, back in 2002. Down the lane I started making my own wraps at home and I am still continuing to do the same.

This time in Whole Foods I found the Wheat flour tortillas. The package said all the good stuff about it. Organic, non GMO, etc. So home I brought them and decided to make these juicy wraps.

It took 20 minutes for me to put together this wrap. I had store-bought ingredients on hand and few veggies to saute and in no time I was enjoying them as my dinner. But I did make my own guacamole. 

What we need:

Wheat flour tortillas

roasted red pepper Hummus

1 small can of black olives

Jalapeno hot sauce (TraderJoe’s brand)

1 Red bell pepper cut into long strips

1 Zucchini cut in to  long strips

!/2 a cup of sweet corn

Pickled  jalapeno from a bottle



ground black pepper

Lemon juice


In a pan, heat 1 tbsp oil. place the long strips of zucchini and red pepper and roast them until they become soft and a little charred. remove and keep aside

In another pan, warm the tortillas for just about a minute.

Next it is time to assemble

Place the tortilla on a plate.

Spread a tbsp of Hummus all over the tortilla

Place the veggie strips on top of the tortilla

Add the sweet corn and black olives

Add one or two pickled jalapeno

Next top a spoon of prepared guacamole.

drizzle some Hot sauce. Sprinkle salt and pepper. squeeze some lime juice.

Finally, roll the tortilla carefully. Cut it into two halves.

Enjoy while it is still warm.


You can omit any ingredient if you please to do so. I love spicy. Hence there are jalapeno, hot sauce and pepper. Please modify the taste according to your palate.

Instead of Hummus, you can spread some sour cream.


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